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You can join a committee any time of the year! If interested, please call the committee chair; phone numbers are in the monthly newsletter. 

Architectural Review (ARC)

Reviews all forms submitted to the Association Manager for changes to a resident’s property. Review the Homeonwer’s Manual for details of how the process works. The application is reviewed and sent to the Board for approval.



Members assist when a resident or spouse passes; they help with a broadcast email and/or use of the clubhouse for a gathering if wanted.



This committee is your eyes and ears around Evesham. They report on school issues, community development, roads, bridges, etc., and represent our community at area meetings.


Common Grounds / Ponds

This committee monitors activities related to the common ground areas of the community, such as fences, drainage ditches, roadway culverts, and wetlands.  It notifies the Board of any issues that affect the safety, aesthetics, and long-term viability of the community. Pond maintenance is also included in the scope of this committee.  Each pond has a representative who reports any pest activity and works to keep the aesthetics and long-term viability of the ponds.



The purpose of this committee is to be responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the clubhouse, pool, tennis and bocce courts, and the horseshoe pit area. Along with the property manager, committee members make recommendations for general improvements and assist the Board in making decisions on vendor contracts.



The finance committee reviews the financials each month and advises the Board. It also assists the Board with capital and operating budget development as well as long-term financial planning.


Helping Hands 

Members send cards to those who are ill or hospitalized. They assist where rides are needed for doctor appointments, to pick up medicine, or to meet other needs. They also arrange for meals, if needed.



Members work with our landscaper to confirm dates for the fertilizing, cutting, and edging of our lawns and common grounds. They ensure adherence to all contractual terms.



This committee keeps our well-stocked clubhouse library in order. It is free for any resident to borrow any book. Both returned and donated books should be left in the labelled box in the library.  Donations of books with a copyright date of 10 years or less are appreciated.


Meet and Greet

Our new residents receive a welcome visit from members of this committee. Newsletter articles and photos (with the resident’s approval) are written to introduce our new residents to the community.



At the request of the Board, this committee updates or adds rules to our Homeowner’s Manual. All revisions require Board approval. The community is updated when changes occur.



All social events such as dances, entertainment, and any other social function at the clubhouse are arranged by this committee.

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